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IBEW 193 Local News The NECA-IBEW 193 JATC is now accepting applications for part-time instructor May 09, 2024

 Minimum Qualifications 

•Inside Journeyman Wireman Status

•Good interpersonal communication skills

•Desire to mold inexperienced students into qualified, well-trained, skilled craftsmen.

•Intermediate computer skills

•Have a positive attitude towards both the IBEW and NECA.

Job Description For A NECA-IBEW 193 JATC Apprentice Instructor 

The following tasks are some, but not all of the duties and responsibilities of an apprenticeship instructor. 

•Teaching Apprentice class 1-2 nights per week, late August through May, at theTraining Center or through electronic media.

•Teach hands-on lessons in the lab area. Also, development of additional labs as newcurriculum or technology become available.

•Develop a syllabus/lesson plan for the school year to track progression of requiredcurriculum.

•Be available as necessary to assist students who require help or to answer questionsand clarify lessons.

•Become proficient in using the ETA's Pro Tech Skills Institute (PTSI) software.

•Administer written or online tests, grade tests according to ETA guidelines, and submittests to Training Director for record keeping.

•Supervision of any off-site projects that are required apprenticeship training.

•The apprentice instructor as determined by the JATC may teach journeyman levelclasses.

•Must support all rules, regulations, and policies of the JATC and enforcement of them to all apprentices equally.

•Attend instructor training for certifications and updates as necessary, such as NTI -(National Training Institute) in Ann Arbor MI. or as determined by the Training Directorand/or the JATC.

Please contact Scott Hill – Training Director, If you would like to be considered for this position.


3150 Wide Track Dr. 62703.

(217)-544-3479 ext. 229.

You may also email resumes to: .

Resumes will be accepted until Friday June 14, 2024. 

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