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  • Executive Board Meeting Aug 6, 2024
  • Retiree Breakfast @ Parkway Cafe Aug 14, 2024
  • Retiree Breakfast @ Parkway Cafe 9:00 AM Aug 14, 2024
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Welcome to IBEW 193

Offices & Staff

 David Wells
  Business Manager/
Financial Secretary

217-544-3479 Ext. 224

Jason McKenzie
Assistant Business Manager
217-544-3479 Ext. 225

Tim Schultz
Assistant Business Manager & Organizer
217-544-3479 Ext. 226

Nancy Baker
Administrative Assistant
217-544-3479 Ext. 222

Carrie Taft
Administrative Assistant
217-544-3479 Ext. 223

Executive Board

Mac Broglin

Jason McKenzie
Vice President

Susan Solon
Recording Secretary

Paul Berry

Matt Dannenberger
Executive Board Member

Nick Cook
Executive Board Member

Scott Hill
Executive Board Member

Inside Examining Board

Brian Hobson
Missy McKee

Outside Examining Board

Justin Fawns

Training Director

Scott Hill
217-544-3479 Ext. 229

In MemoryIn Memory
Charles Barber Jun. 26, 2024

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